50 Year Anniversary

HMCCQ 50th Anniversary Rally – POSTPONED due to the impacts of CORVID-19 virus restrictions.

As part of our Club’s 50th year celebrations, a 50th Anniversary Rally is being organised. The Rally will be based at the Ivory’s Rock Events facility, which is located approximately 20 minutes from Ipswich and 45 minutes south west of Brisbane; at 310 Mount Flinders Rd, Peak Crossing QLD 4306.

Note: The Rally has been postponed, but when a new date is scheduled it will be posted here and on the Events page.

April Update

The good news is that our 50 year celebration is going ahead but the unknown now is the date.
A very very big thank you to all the areas and individuals who gave of their time to assist Des and Doug in planning for September. This time was not wasted and as soon as this virus problem allows us to resume normal club activities we will continue with the planning for a new date.
The management committee has put its full support behind this event and created an official coordinator position on the committee to drive this event.
If the editors have the space we will keep you informed with a regular update in the magazine and also through our club web page.

Des and Doug

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March Update
The events planner is filling nicely and there are some interesting rides planned. An ambitious long run organised by Toowoomba, is one of the notable new entries.

Well done to all of you for getting expressions of interest in. Including a form with last month’s magazine has helped the process.

The meeting with Ipswich City Council did not result in a big cash grant but we did secure a promise for a lot of assistance from them to organise day visits to places of interest. We will probably also have some advertising support from the Council in future editions of our magazine.

Ivory’s Rock is on track to get their booking form on line and as soon as this happens it will be announced through the magazine, the website and area secretaries. Questions have been asked about bringing pets to the event and Ivory’s Rock has promised me a reply to this question soon.

Des and Doug

Have a suggestion or question, contact the team by email at 50th@hmccq.org.au

February Update
It’s the calm before the storm in a manner of speaking. Several areas have actively looked at making a contribution to the event and it is pleasing to report that the planner is filling up with activities. By the end of March there should be a first version of the events list ready for distribution. It will be too late for the March journal but hopefully it will be available on this page.

Ivorys Rock has not got the booking forms ready for us yet but it is still early days and once available it will be advertised through the journal and this page.

Over the next two months there will be a lot going on and it is anticipated that a budget will be presented to Management in April, from which the entry fee will be determined. There are a lot of factors to consider for the budget but the most important one will be the expected attendance numbers. If you haven’t already done so please submit your expression of interest click here – or through your area secretary if that is more convenient.

The meeting with Ipswich Council to try and secure a grant in support of our costs will take place just after the journal goes to print, so feedback will be in the April edition.

We are looking at rally souvenirs in the form of machine badges, caps, stubby holders and the like, to commemorate the event. Let us have your ideas for unusual items.

See you in six months!!

Des and Doug

January Update
The event planner was sent out to each area and Doug and Des will be following up over the next two months to finalise the event details. A number of areas have responded with some great ideas so it is an exciting time ahead to see all these ideas come together.

A meeting was held at the venue in January. Ivory’s Rock will be finalising the booking form during January. As soon as this form is available notice will go out to all areas so that accommodation bookings can be made. Please do not jump the gun by trying to book in early. There is no shortage of accommodation and notice will go out as soon as they are ready to take bookings.

In an effort to keep the entry fee down to an absolute minimum we will be meeting with both the Ipswich and Scenic Rim Councils with a view to securing some support by way of either cash grants, or assistance in kind, to assist the administration of the event.

Please get you expression of interest (EOI) in if you haven’t already done so. We need to know the numbers. Click here, to submit your EOI.

The countdown has started! Start polishing your bikes.

Doug and Des

December Update
Date Change. For reasons outside our control the date of this event has changed. The new (and firm) dates are 19 September to 27 September 2020. This is exactly one week later than originally planned, but we will still start on a Saturday and run through to the following Sunday.

The EOI form is up and running on the club website and the list of names is already building – click here, to advise your interest in attending the rally. Hopefully most expressions of interest will be in within the next few weeks so that we have a good idea of the numbers to plan for.

There is potentially going to be up to 5 activities each day being 3 runs (short, medium and long), a place of interest to visit and some form of evening entertainment. Multiply this by 8 days and we have a big event with 40 activities over the period. Some areas have already indicated that they will organise or subsidise events. Our next step is to distribute an event planner to area secretaries. This planner will reflect the 40 activity slots, the idea being that areas will commit to one or more activity slots on the planner. Des and Doug will re visit areas in the New Year to gather up these commitments and start the secondary process of detailing each activity.

In the meantime both Des and Doug are available to answer questions or listen to your ideas so that we continue to make this into an event to be remembered.

It may appear a bit ambitious to run 40 activities but the underlying objective is to create an event which caters for all members needs and will allow members to participate in a variety of activities over the period. Let’s make this happen.

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy festive season.


November Update
The big news is that we have a logo to proudly display during the build up to our celebration – see top of page. A very big thank you to everyone who provided ideas and especially for the enthusiasm we experienced when visiting area meetings.

The next step is to gather expressions of interest (EOI) and there will be a number of ways this can happen. The preferred method is via the online Form, which can be accessed here, to submit your EOI. There is a hardcopy version, which members can can complete, scan and email to us.

To keep a hold on things Dave has also created a dedicated email address 50th@hmccq.org.au for all future exchanges concerning the 50 year event. In addition to all of this the website will have extra pages devoted to the 50th anniversary where members will be able to keep up with the event planning. These changes will be available soon on the website, if not before the magazine goes to print.

The next stage will be the event planning and this is when we will appeal for help. Many offers to assist where made during our area visits and we will be taking these up in the coming weeks. We also received some really good ideas for activities and the time has now come to start putting all this together.

So in summary we have a logo, we have a venue and a date. What we need now is to know what the numbers are likely to be so please submit your EOI (preferably online) as soon as you can.

Follow the progress on this page.