50+1 – HMCCQ 50th Anniversary Rally

Rally Video courtesy of MB Productions

Our big event is getting closer and I wanted to share a few things before you arrive at Ivory’s Rock Covid The C word is ruling our lives at the moment and, whilst probably not necessary, a polite reminder to please  do the right thing. Have a mask with you at all times and PLEASE sanitise your hands at every occasion. Sanitizer stations will be provided. When you check in the QLD  QR code will be prominent for you to use. We will also  have to “check in “for the Ipswich display but that can be prearranged before leaving Ivory’s Rock. More about that on Saturday.  Ivorys Rock introduction to facilities. At a suitable time on Saturday (say 3pm) I will arrange a walking visit to the areas we will be using for social gatherings, meals and rally starts and briefings. Just to get everyone acquainted with the layout –its a big area! Photos and Videos. This is a special occasion and I would very much like to capture as much of the antics, antiques and activities for the history books. I encourage every one to click away at the bikes , the people , the events and socialising during your stay. Share those with me after you go home and I will arrange to produce a documentary from all your contributions. Arrival Arrangements after Saturday.  As previously advised the Ivory’s Rock reception opens at 10 am. If you want to arrive earlier than 10am to join the rally on that day please let me know in advance so I can make arrangements with Ivory’s Rock to facilitate this. Drop me an email and give me your intended arrival time and date. Fuel The closest fuel is in Peak Crossing , about 5 kms from Ivory’s Rock Places to visit. With the ladies in mind and in association with the Ipswich City Council I have arranged a tour to the Ipswich Rail Museum on Wednesday. This is a half day tour and includes tea. On Friday  a full day tour to Marburg where the tour looks at Marburg’s historical features, a visit to boutiques and antique shops and includes lunch and tea at the Marburg hotel. Price per head is $15 and $38 respectively. Buses will be provided from Ivory s Rock for both tours at no charge. I will need final numbers on Monday for the Wednesday tour and Wednesday for the Friday tour so let me know in good time if you want to be included. These tours will be subject to a minimum number of bookings. Enjoy 

50 Year Update August 2021

This will be the last update report before the event and I am happy to report that the planning is on track for a memorable event.

At the time of writing this report the entry tally is 200 riders and supporters of which 135 are entered for the full period. 170 will attend the final dinner.

The event program has been emailed to each entrant in advance so that daily choices can be considered – e.g. slow rides dirt rides etc.

Regrettably border closures and lockdowns have inhibited friends from interstate in joining us. No doubt the time will come when these health issues are behind us and we can all get back to the freedom of, restoring, riding and enjoying our old bikes.

See you all there.

Accommodation booking is available online, and working, after some minor glitches were repaired. A link to the Ivory’s Rock booking page can be found on the HMCCQ website.

 An entry form with indemnity clause is available either on line or in hard copy from Area Secretaries. Please note that the shirt selection now includes 4XL as well.

 Please see the flyer in this month’s magazine for more detail of accommodation booking and entry forms.

Entry fees have been kept as low as possible to encourage participation.

A preliminary overview of the activities in September:

Saturday 4. Bump in around lunch time. Probable impromptu ride in the afternoon. Meet and greet BBQ Saturday night.

Sunday 5. Mass ride into Ipswich City Centre and bike display at the new Civic Centre. This will be the highlight of the last day of Ipswich Heritage Festival.  Scenic ride after the display.

Monday 6. Toowoomba area day, including a veteran run and semi dirt run.

Tuesday 7. Ipswich area day. Mystery rides accommodating all bikes.

Wednesday 8. Brisbane area day. Organised rides and also field events in the afternoon.

Thursday 9. Pine Rivers area day. Includes long rides and movie night.

Friday 10 Warwick area day.

Saturday 11 Tamborine area 2 day rally. Saturday night farewell dinner.

Sunday 12 Tamborine area continues.  Morning ride. Bump out around 1-2pm

This is a first draft of the activity plan and in the final version there will also be some organised tours to places of interest (which will also cater for non-riders) with options of a bus.  

President’s Update

Covid19 : Current situation and effect on 50+1 Golden Anniversary Celebration Rally: Ipswich City Council “Galvanised Festival of Heritage”: Ivory Rocks Venue.

We are reliving March 2020, which at that time it was very predictable that we could not stage our event, so I was able to call an early cease to preparations.

One year on we have to some extent learnt what covid19 is and how to live with it. We also have had nearly 12 months of planning and preparing to hold our event in September 2021. Given how quickly we can go from normal to abnormal in our daily lives and all at short notice, it is now very unpredictable times.

HMCCQ and ICC and Ivory rocks have invested a lot of time and energy to holding our respective events.

Doug and I are in frequent negotiations with ICC and Ivory Rocks staff whilst we await the government outcome of the snap lockdown on Sunday.

It is all of our belief’s that should the lockdown be lifted on Sunday 08 August 2021, we are still in a good position to push ahead with all events.

Doug advises that he has enough time and contacts for finalising all requirements, if able to continue after Sunday.

ICC are still making full preparations for our display on 05 September 2021. They feel that should the festival be cancelled, they would still wish for HMCCQ to have a static display. They are preparing carpet squares and wood blocks and have two very large lit billboards on main highway routes advertising HMCCQ as their star event.

I have to, take into account our members health and wellbeing, distances to travel and collateral cost if forced into quarantine in Ipswich.

To date we have 80+ nominations and payments to attend and our cut-off date is 13.08.2021.

Our position, at this time, as we slide down the razors edge is that there is still a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel for us to continue to fruition for our HMCCQ Golden Anniversary Rally (50+1) 1970-2020+1. Timing is going to be crucial.

I will keep members advised of our situation and plans after 08/08/2021.

Whist sending this message out, I further ask all areas to consider sourcing their older now non rider members to invite them along for part of the event.  These members may even be wanting to attend the whole event for reliving past friendships and stories. They may not have access to computers. I have had a couple requests for someone to volunteer to pickup and return home to enable our cherished forgotten to attend. Once I am aware of our situation, if continuing, I will be contacting respective areas where request that I receive come from.

Stay safe and compliant and hold onto hope.


0412 799 427

HMCCQ 50 Year Planning update May 2021

What is the big picture?

The basic plan is to hold an 8 day rally open to all HMCCQ members (and members of other motorcycling clubs) to be based at Ivory’s Rock near Peak Crossing from 4 September to 12 September.

What events can you expect?

The intention is to have multiple events each day catering for all preferences, so expect slower or shorter rides for the older bikes to longer rides for the more adventurous. Ideally this will allow for each member to participate in various events and use different classes of bike as appropriate.

In order to create as much variation as possible all SEQ areas have been asked to own the events for one day and this should ensure some fun variations.

In addition to the ride out events we are also looking at places of interest to visit in the Scenic Rim and around Ipswich.

A ride is planned on the first Sunday when HMCCQ will ride through the centre of Ipswich and then park up in the city centre to display our bikes. This will be part of an Ipswich Heritage Festival.

What accommodation is available?

Ivorys Rock offers a range of accommodation including powered and unpowered camping and RV sites, bunk house rooms and cabins with en suite. A rate structure has been prepared for this event and online booking should be available towards the end of May. As soon as the bookings open notices will be sent out to area secretaries will also be placed on the web site and in the magazine.

Rally registration?

The rally includes 2 weekends so that members can have the option of attending for the whole period, or for shorter periods where work or other commitments dictate.

There will be a registration fee but the amount is yet to be determined. What is clear however that is the clubs management is committed to keeping the rally cost as low as possible by providing a level of assistance.

How should a member register?

A registration page will become available on the web early in July by which time the entry fee amount will be known.

In the meantime please let your area secretary know if you intend to participate as this expression of interest will form the basis for budgeting the rally costs.

What should area be doing now?

Areas in the South East have been asked to own a day of the event and to submit their planned activities by the end of June.

All areas should provide an indication as to the number of participants who are likely to attend. This should be split to reflect the numbers attending for the full period and the number of short term attendees. 

This is going to be a big event and any offers of help will be gladly accepted.

Watch this space, and the website, over the coming months.

Have a suggestion or question, contact the team by email at 50th@hmccq.org.au