50+1 – HMCCQ 50th Anniversary Rally

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Accommodation Bookings & payment (Ivory’s Rock)

As part of our Club’s 50th year celebrations, a 50th Anniversary Rally is being organised. The Rally will be based at the Ivory’s Rock Events facility, which is located approximately 20 minutes from Ipswich and 45 minutes south west of Brisbane; at 310 Mount Flinders Rd, Peak Crossing QLD 4306.

June 2021 Update

There has been a great response from Areas in the South East to own a day of the rally. By the end of June these individual plans should be submitted to the 50Y coordinator the first edition of the event day planner will take shape in early July.  The event planner will enable one to decide what runs or activities will be staged, allowing individuals to decide which bike or bikes to bring. I hope to get a copy of the planner out to area secretaries in July.

Ivory’s Rock was put to the test in June by holding the Brisbane Chairman’s run. The feedback was very positive and the accommodation checked out well. Bookings should be open soon for accommodation and an entry form will also be available shortly after the event plan is issued. Full details will be distributed through the webpage and also to area secretaries and the journal.

HMCCQ 50 Year Planning update May 2021

 I have had some feedback from areas and individuals seeking some clarification of the planned event and also more information on the accommodation.

What is the big picture?

The basic plan is to hold an 8 day rally open to all HMCCQ members (and members of other motorcycling clubs) to be based at Ivory’s Rock near Peak Crossing from 4 September to 12 September.

What events can you expect?

The intention is to have multiple events each day catering for all preferences, so expect slower or shorter rides for the older bikes to longer rides for the more adventurous. Ideally this will allow for each member to participate in various events and use different classes of bike as appropriate.

In order to create as much variation as possible all SEQ areas have been asked to own the events for one day and this should ensure some fun variations.

In addition to the ride out events we are also looking at places of interest to visit in the Scenic Rim and around Ipswich.

A ride is planned on the first Sunday when HMCCQ will ride through the centre of Ipswich and then park up in the city centre to display our bikes. This will be part of an Ipswich Heritage Festival.

What accommodation is available?

Ivorys Rock offers a range of accommodation including powered and unpowered camping and RV sites, bunk house rooms and cabins with en suite. A rate structure has been prepared for this event and online booking should be available towards the end of May. As soon as the bookings open notices will be sent out to area secretaries will also be placed on the web site and in the magazine.

Rally registration?

The rally includes 2 weekends so that members can have the option of attending for the whole period, or for shorter periods where work or other commitments dictate.

There will be a registration fee but the amount is yet to be determined. What is clear however that is the clubs management is committed to keeping the rally cost as low as possible by providing a level of assistance.

How should a member register?

A registration page will become available on the web early in July by which time the entry fee amount will be known.

In the meantime please let your area secretary know if you intend to participate as this expression of interest will form the basis for budgeting the rally costs.

What should area be doing now?

Areas in the South East have been asked to own a day of the event and to submit their planned activities by the end of June.

All areas should provide an indication as to the number of participants who are likely to attend. This should be split to reflect the numbers attending for the full period and the number of short term attendees. 

May 2021 Update

Well it’s all back on and building steam. The event is now being called ”50+1” to acknowledge the Covid influence.

We will use the Ivory’s Rock venue and the booking is for the period 4 September to 12 September 2021. This means two weekends with all the days in-between if you attend for the full period. It also caters for those members who cannot attend for the whole period.

Booking for accommodation will be opening with a few weeks and full details of accommodation rates and facilities will be distributed as soon as possible. Bookings will be on line and as soon as that arrangement is in place notice will be sent to all Secretaries and added to our website news.

The nature of the events will be as broad as possible so every member should find something to suit each day. Expect short or slow rides for older bikes through to longer rides for more capable bikes and riders. We also plan to have other events and visits to ensure as much variety as possible. Facilities exist for evening entertainment such as movies or trivia evenings.

Catering and liquid refreshments will be available and the details will be finalised quite soon.

Areas in the South East have been (or will be) approached to plan the events for one day each which should also ensure the use of local knowledge and more variety in the rides. Areas outside the South East are most welcome to suggest or run events, but please contact Doug Jolliffe before the end of May if there is something you would like to see on the agenda.

This is going to be a big event and any offers of help will be gladly accepted.

Watch this space, and the website, over the coming months.

Have a suggestion or question, contact the team by email at 50th@hmccq.org.au