Ipswich – regular gazetted rides & events

Australia Day Ride on 26 January every year. Depart from Cooneana at 9.00 am. Route and lunch location will be a “decide on the day “. Marita

‘Monthly Meeting’ – 1st Wednesday at 7:30pm
Held at the Clubhouse, Cooneana Heritage Centre 1041 Redbank Plains Rd, New Chum.
‘Sunday Rides’
Depart from Conneana (Heritage Centre, 1041 Redbank Plains Rd, New Chum) at 9.00am the Sunday immediately following our monthly meeting.
‘Tuesday Rides’
Depart from Cooneana every Tuesday at 9.00am.
The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays are ‘dirt rides’ and the 2nd and 4th are road rides.
For more information on the dirt rides or to get on the email list, please contact Captain Grubby (Bill Dawson) via email by clicking here.
‘Ipswich Contact’ – Marita Williamson on 0418 761 361.