HMCCQ Motorcycles on the Green

The Motorcycle – Design, Art, Desire
28 Nov 2020 to 26 Apr 2021

Majestic c.1929 / Collection: Bobby Haas and Haas Moto Museum / © Haas Moto Galleries LLC / Photograph: Grant Schwingle .

The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) will hold a major motorcycle exhibition The Motorcycle – Design, Art, Desire. This exhibition runs from 28 November this year through to 26 April next year and will feature some world renowned machines ranging from early steam power to the very latest electric bikes – see Exhibition Program Overview.

GOMA has invited the HMCCQ to present a one day outdoor display during the main exhibition. This outdoor festival: Motorcycles on the Green will be held on Saturday, 27 February 2021.

Motorcycles on the Green  is a Free festive type event that will be open to the public. The festival will feature a broad range of HMCCQ member’s motorcycles, DJs, live motorcycle builds, plus more!

So, we need 62 bikes for our Motorcycles on the Green display. Ideally our display will feature bikes from each of the 7 age periods, i.e. Veteran, Vintage through to 70’s and 80’s etc. This means about 9 bikes from each age period. The bikes are expected to be on display from 10.30 am to about 4.00 pm (exact times to be confirmed). 

Any member wishing to display a bike or two, should let Doug Jolliffe know by completing the expression of interest Form below – simply fill the details and press Submit (items with * are mandatory).

GOMA is organising parking for trailers and there will be some marquee cover available, however full details are not available yet.

Note this display clashes with the first day of the Ipswich Rally – so please bear this in mind if you intend to display bike/s.

Motorcycles on the Green – Expression of Interest Form

Thank you for your interest, however, we have been overwhelmed by expressions of interest from members wishing to participate in this event so the application form has been removed from the website.