2020 AGM

2020 AGM Minutes (Unconfirmed)

Due to the COVID19 restrictions, the 2020 AGM was conducted ‘online’ via email. The online meeting included all Area and Subcommittee Secretaries, the Management Committee members and delegates, and Gary Mitchell (as likely incoming Club Secretary). Important outcomes of the meeting are:

  • Congratulations to new ‘Life Member’ Graham Hodgson.
  • Congratulations to Marita Williamson recipient of the ‘Club Champion Award’.
  • Gary Mitchell elected to replace Bill Stephens as Club Secretary.
  • All other Committee Members and Delegates will continue in their positions – see Management / Committee page for details.

See Presidents 2020 AGM wrap-up for further details.

Club Documents

HMCCQ Constitution and By-laws

HMCCQ Life Membership Guidelines and Nomination Form

HMCCQ Voting Proxy Form

HMCCQ Rally Briefing Essentials

HMCCQ Use of Indemnity Form

HMCCQ Indemnity Form