Impromptu rides

The current COVID-19 rules and restrictions override the information provided on Impromptu Rides, and must be complied with in all instances. This is wholly your responsibility – not the Club’s. The current COVID-19 requirements are available at

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads introduced an Impromptu Rides facility within the Special Interest Vehicle Scheme (SIVS) in 2018. The key conditions for Impromptu Rides are; you must be a financial HMCCQ member, and you must register the ride event in advance.
The SIVS Conditions and Restrictions are described in the Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme guide available here.
Impromptu rides are only applicable to Club (SIVS) registered motorcycles. Further information on SIVS type registration is available on the Club Rego pages.

HMCCQ Implementation of Impromptu Rides

To enable Impromptu Rides for Club members, the HMCCQ has set up a Facebook Closed Group called HMCCQ Rides. This is where all impromptu rides must be registered prior to undertaking a non-gazetted ride event.
Instructions on creating a Facebook account, joining the HMCCQ Rides group and registering an Impromptu Ride are available here.

Using the HMCCQ Rides Facebook Page for Impromptu Events

To meet the above Queensland Government conditions it is important that impromptu events are registered properly on this Facebook page, and that your SIVS registered vehicle is being used appropriately. In particular:

  • An Impromptu event must be created in the Facebook HMCCQ Closed Group within the Event section. Click on the ‘Events’ button and (using your phone) click on the ‘+’ button or (using your computer) click on the ‘+ Create Event’ button. Fill out the details of your Event. This meets the QLD Government requirement to ‘maintain a register of endorsed impromptu events’, as a list of all past and upcoming ‘Events’ is maintained on the HMCCQ Rides Facebook page.
  • In line with the SIVS guide, wider Club members are invited to attend your Event. Other Club members who intend participating in an Event are requested to contact the organiser to confirm attendance and obtain any further information that may be required.
  • The purpose of an Impromptu event must fall within the general SIVS Conditions and Restrictions (as referenced above) and HMCCQ’s published club guidelines (Club Rules), which state the Objects of the Club as including (3.1.2) ‘Organise, participate in and encourage the organisation of rallies, exhibitions and any other events suitable for the enjoyment of and the promotion of historic motorcycles.’

It is wholly the responsibility of individual Club members to ensure that they use this HMCCQ Rides Facebook page appropriately and meet the Queensland Government criteria for running impromptu events.

Note; the HMCCQ Rides page is not the place for other Club discussions or topics.