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This page provides a venue to share Tech Tips to help, guide, and show other members how to maintain, repair or restore their bike while on the road or in the workshop.
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Conrod Story
Robert Brackam
A discussion on Conrod technologiesConrod Story
Piston rings & their Function
Robert Brackam
An in depth discussion on the history and development of piston rings, their function, metallurgy and a lot of other information.Piston rings & their function
British Motorcycle Classics
Brian Holzigal
This site presents a range of interesting articles, technical tips, photos, videos etc on British bikes.British Motorcycle Classics

Magneto Timing Tool
Ralph Roles
Plans to build your own Magneto Timing Indicator.Timing Tool Project
Water-Based Valve Grinding Paste
Dave Royston
Handy solution to 'dry' grinding paste.Grinding Paste Tip
Lowering the Cylinder Barrel
‘The Motor Cycle’ 9 Feb 1956
From the archives - Handy hint which leaves both hands free when fitting the barrel of an older style 500 single...Lowering the Cylinder Barrel
The Hand Oil Pump
Dave Detmar
This article provides advice on the operation and repair of Hand Oil Pumps, which were fitted to nearly all Veteran and quite a few Vintage machines through to the end of the 1920s.Hand Oil Pump - Tech Tip
A Bit on the Side
Dave Detmar
Need to fit a prop or side stand to your bike - this is the article for you.A Bit on the Side
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